At UUFC we seek to nurture, educate and inspire musicians, members and guests to participate in a dynamic and transformative music program, and to model and promote excellence in shared ministry. Some of the ways we do this are by working towards making music “singable” by all who attend our services, and by choosing music that weaves well into the topic of each Sunday worship service.

choirWe strive to engage the talents and aspirations of all members in our congregation and the larger community to bring music into our Sunday services and community life. We work to expand our repertoire to all genres of music that serve our community. We work to engage children by choosing fun, upbeat music and asking them to participate with percussion and sometimes help lead singing.

Guitar Trio
© Kelsey Sachs 2018

We invite you to help us enrich our music program: Would you like to offer 5 minutes of Special Music, any genre, any instrument, for inclusion in our Sunday Service? Is there some new genre of music you would like to hear at our services? Are you interested in playing percussion for some services? Are there other ways you would like to involve yourself in our music program?

Nick at the pianoWe welcome your participation! Contact the church office for more information.