Speaker: Megan Johnson

Facets of Love

Coordinated by Worship Associate, Merrily Stover. UUs respond to the call of love because it is our common theological core. It is what can and does motivate us and illuminates our deepest commitments to each other. All the Worship Associates gather together today to share thoughts on different types of love. Childcare will be available. … Continue reading Facets of Love

Gathering of the Waters

Come join us for our annual water communion as we gather together after the summer.  Bring a small container of water from somewhere you spent time this summer, be it Antarctica or your own kitchen sink, and we will mingle waters in our communal bowl during the service.  If you are attending with children, invite … Continue reading Gathering of the Waters

Flower Communion

Just as a bouquet would not be the same without the unique addition of each individual flower, thus it is with our church community, which would not be the same without each and every one of us. Please bring a flower (or a few flowers) to church with you, to share as we celebrate the … Continue reading Flower Communion

The Power of Laughter

Power comes in many forms. Join us for an exploration of the Power of Laughter. Worship Leader – Megan Johnson, Worship Associate – Beverly MacMillan, Music – Chris Perske, Tech Support – Emily Greenslade. Coffee hour on the patio or on Zoom following the service. Click here to view a recording of the service.  

Stories of Healing

UUFC member Megan Johnson offers stories of healing from her 31-year career as a physician. Worship Leader: Megan Johnson, Worship Associate: Susan Bachlor, Music: Chris Perske, Tech Support: Jeff Sachs Click here to view a recording of the service.

Healing, the Search for Wholeness

Modern medicine can accomplish miraculous cures. Healing, or the restoration of wholeness, is generally found through other means, including religion. Join us in-person or online. Worship Leader – Megan Johnson; Worship Associate – Angela Risdon; Music – Pam Sachs and Margaret Aumann; Technical support – Jeff Sachs, Emily Greenslade. Click here to view a Zoom … Continue reading Healing, the Search for Wholeness

Another Voice on Reason

Our Unitarian faith was built on the primacy of reason. We will continue to explore this month’s topic, Reason, with the presentation of a sermon by a UU minister other than our Rev. Bryan. We’ll also enjoy live music by our new Pianist, Chris Perske! Click here to view a recording of the service.